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Pivotal Reimbursement



I recently retained the services of Michael A. Sanchez to educate and equip clinical investigators with the resources needed to secure reimbursement during a clinical trial. Michael excelled in understanding our requirements, and delivered a comprehensive package within a challenging time schedule. I highly recommend your consideration of Michael’s expertise, and I will certainly be considering him for future projects. Reimbursement Director at Medical Device Company

Based on my past and current interactions with Mike Sanchez on reimbursement

and clinical trial reimbursement topics, I would wholly recommend Mike for any

reimbursement consultation projects you are considering. Mike is prompt and

thorough in his responses to questions and delivers high quality tools and training

materials. His vast knowledge of reimbursement topics and how common

questions can have a big impact on business decisions is invaluable. My clinical

affairs organization recognized a need for an experienced consultant to bring our

knowledge and processes up to speed. To a person, Mike has exceeded our needs

and expectations. Clinical Project Manager at Medical Device Company

Mike, it didn't take long for you to make a real impact at the center level. Thanks so much for giving her the information that will help with this process.

Regional Clinical Manager at Medical Device Company

Mike, I thought you would like to know that [study name] is currently 5 for 5 in securing CMS approvals with no denials or conditions...I fully believe this is due to the tools and work that you did during the start up phase. Clinical Program Manager at Medical Device Company

Mike, I did the dance of joy when I was told that you would be available to help with clinical reimbursement issues again. You have been greatly missed.

FCE at Medical Device Company

Dear Mike: You have been so prompt, helpful and absolutely wonderful to work with. I counted on you so much for resolving study related questions.

Clinical Research Associate at Medical Device Company

Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how much you have helped me understand the CMS side of things! I have been talking with our office billing girls and have answered all of their questions as well. Again, thank you so much.

Research Coordinator at Clinical Research Site

Mike, thank you so much for all your help with this! I feel much more knowledgeable about what I am doing now!

Research Coordinator at Clinical Research Site

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